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February 06 2018

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The waiting is the hardest part.
#spacex #falconheavy (at A. Max Brewer Bridge)

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#viewfrommyoffice today on the A. Max Brewer Bridge. Ready for the
#spacex #falconheavy launch. (at A. Max Brewer Bridge)

February 04 2018

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All the pretty dog butts. 🐕
#colorsplash (at IKEA)

January 30 2018

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Cosmo just wants a little alone time with his Fishie.
Is that so wrong? (at Cape Coral, Florida)

January 28 2018

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It’s a Martini Crawl kinda night in #capecoral.
#nptaste #martini (at Two Amigos Restaurant)

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The Wicked Punch from @bigbluebrewing and @wickeddolphin on Martini Crawl Night.
#southcapecoral is hopping!
#nptaste #npinsta (at Big Blue Brewing)

January 25 2018

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Such beauty in the clouds over #capecoral

#npinsta @thenewspress (at Cape Coral, Florida)

January 05 2018

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After 20 years ago of searching high, low and online, I’ve finally got her back.
Lost her back in college in a blur of movings and misplacements, and I’ve been looking for her ever since.

She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid.

Good to have this hunk of junk back. Chewie, we’re home.

#millenniumfalcon #starwars
#kesselrun #fastesthunkofjunkinthegalaxy

December 28 2017

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‪The Hot Buttered Nuggets for dessert at Slate’s.‬ Best band in the Cape.
Great way to end @kbolesen‘s BDay dinner.
#swfl #capecoral
(at Slate’s)

December 22 2017

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‪From our Sheldon to yours…‬
‪Happy Early #Festivus from all of us at @TheNewsPress!‬
(at The News-Press (Fort Myers, Fla.))

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‪#HappyHolidays from the O’Dizzles.
Resorting it up a mile from home at the Westin on the water.
‪Blinky necklaces required.‬
(at The Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village)

December 17 2017

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Caden at the grocery store: “I only know one thing about produce.”
Me: What’s that?
Caden: Nothing.
#cadenisms (at Price Cutter)

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Happiness is spending a Saturday night with the #ChiefsKingdom  - with the AFC West title on the line!
Go @chiefs !! (at Arrowhead Stadium)

December 15 2017

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I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat.
#missouri (at City of Holden)

November 26 2017

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A #Christmas tradition: the new ornaments from the year that was go up first. Some bittersweet memories from our West Indies cruise before Irma.
Merry🌲 and Happy Holidays! (at Skyline And Cape Coral Parkway)

November 19 2017

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Disco Life.
#maitai (at Seminole Casino Hotel)

November 08 2017

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‪Beautiful light-painted clouds over a Cape Coral sunset.‬
‪#SWFL @TheNewsPress ‬ (at Sam’s Club)

October 26 2017

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Brian makes a mean gimlet at The 86 Room.
I definitely need to get here more. A true gem of a waterin’ hole. (at The 86 Room)

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‪Beautiful crisp cool morning at @FGCU with our @TheNewsPress Insiders for a Photo Walk with @andrewpwestphoto and @mhbickel
#fgcu #fgcu20 #npinsta #swfl #florida (at Florida Gulf Coast University)

October 18 2017

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Great to be a part of celebrating the Cape Coral Community Foundation #ENPY awards.
Great nonprofit work happening in #SWFL
@TheNewsPress (at Crowne Plaza Fort Myers At Bell Tower Shops)

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